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Culinary Destination At Jogja Jogja Culinary Eating At Jogja Culinary Corner

Culinary Destination at Jogja

Where is the destination of culinary tourism in Indonesia? The first is absolutely in Bali, but Jogja is the second destination. Jogja has numerous traditional restaurants from around Indonesia. This is because Jogja is a student city. Numerous student from entire Indonesia come to Jogja to study, enrich the culinary destination when you come to Jogja. Beside there are lots of food and beverages choice from around province and country…

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Yogyakarta Unique Combination Shopping In Jogja Traditional Market Traditional Economy

Yogyakarta Unique Combination

Yogyakarta is known as one of the best vacation destination in Indonesia. Some of best spot that many tourists choose here are traditional market, like Pasar Beringharjo, Pasar Klithikan and many more. The traditional market also has big role in the development of Yogyakarta. These markets are the center of economy and transaction of Yogyakarta. These traditional markets also become one of the largest incomes for local government. There is…

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How To Enjoy Malioboro Yogyakarta Jogja Shopping Center Jogjakarta Souvenir Indonesia Tourism

How to Enjoy Malioboro, Yogyakarta?

Malioboro is a very distinctive part of the city of Yogyakarta. Everyone already knows that the area is becoming a center of culture, tradition and shopping centers. To reach areas that are in the city center then a lot of transportation that can be obtained with ease. Even when you take a walk around Malioboro then you can wear Andong, a traditional horse-drawn carriage that is very distinctive. If you…

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