Culinary Destination at Jogja

Where is the destination of culinary tourism in Indonesia? The first is absolutely in Bali, but Jogja is the second destination. Jogja has numerous traditional restaurants from around Indonesia. This is because Jogja is a student city. Numerous student from entire Indonesia come to Jogja to study, enrich the culinary destination when you come to Jogja.

Beside there are lots of food and beverages choice from around province and country when eating at Jogja, you can find the original culinary corner from Jogjakarta. Jogja has special taste of food. When eating at Jogja, you can find that Jogja culinary has special taste, sweet. The most favorite and famouse‘sweet’ taste of Jojga culinary is ‘Gudeg’. The center culinary corner of ‘Gudeg’ is in Wijilan. Its location is near the Yogyakarta Palace. Gudeg is a food mainly made from unripe jackfruit. However, when you eat this dish completely you can find duck egg and ‘sambel krecek’. The taste of ‘sambal krecek’, even the main taste is sweet, it’s absolutely hot inside. Because ‘sambal’ in Indonesian culinary term is a dish mainly made from chili. So the complete taste of gudeg is a combination of sweet, salty and hot.


Although gudeg is the icon of Jogja culinary dish, every region in Jogja province has its special snack. Such as bakpia, yangko, geplak dan jadah. ‘Bakpia’, ‘yangko’ and ‘geplak’ alike ‘gudeg’ has a sweet taste. Bakpia is a traditional stack made from mungbean coated with soft wheat flour. ‘Geplak’ is originally come from Bantul region. ‘Geplak’ made from unripe coconut and ‘yangko’ is made from sticky rice flour and the center of yangko is in Kotagedhe.

Eating at Jogja is very interesting. This is because Jogja culinary is inexpensive rather than another city. You can find lots of culinary destination not only at daylight but also at night. Feel a unique experience of night‘s Jogja culinary, because these foods you can find only at night. They are ‘wedhang ronde’, ‘oseng-oseng mercon’ and ‘angkringan’. They are the icon of Jogja culinary beside gudeg.


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