How to Enjoy Malioboro, Yogyakarta?

Malioboro is a very distinctive part of the city of Yogyakarta. Everyone already knows that the area is becoming a center of culture, tradition and shopping centers. To reach areas that are in the city center then a lot of transportation that can be obtained with ease. Even when you take a walk around Malioboro then you can wear Andong, a traditional horse-drawn carriage that is very distinctive. If you want to visit Kraton Yogyakarta then you just need to take the 800 meters on foot. Jogja shopping centers is another term that is widely used to recognize the Malioboro area. In this place everyone can buy batik clothes, various kinds of souvenirs such as silver or other purposes.


The most distinctive part of the time to travel in the city of Yogyakarta is the friendliness of its people. All residents of this region provide an excellent welcome for tourists at home and abroad. In fact, they could also speak English very well thus simplifying the transaction process. Local people usually come to Malioboro to travel to visit various shops such as batik, for a night with some distinctive features. There is a small shop that is only there at night at Malioboro area is often referred to as stalls hik or Gudeg restaurant. Development Malioboro as one of Indonesia tourism destination it continues to run to this day.

If you have visited Yogyakarta then do not forget to take a walk in Malioboro area. There are various kinds of Jogja souvenir you can buy to serve as a souvenir. Region along Malioboro is also equipped with various vendors selling various objects lime such as silver, batik or statue with a specific form of Yogyakarta. In fact you can find a miniature of the traditional vehicle of Yogyakarta called Onthel. If you want to get a definite price and do not want to bid then you should choose an official store that is on the inside. Enjoying the Malioboro area is not enough for one day only, if you want to enjoy the night then can try to stay around the area of Malioboro.


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