Yogyakarta Unique Combination

Yogyakarta is known as one of the best vacation destination in Indonesia. Some of best spot that many tourists choose here are traditional market, like Pasar Beringharjo, Pasar Klithikan and many more. The traditional market also has big role in the development of Yogyakarta. These markets are the center of economy and transaction of Yogyakarta. These traditional markets also become one of the largest incomes for local government.


There is unique method for shopping in Jogja, especially at these traditional markets. Although most of product you can find here are really cheap, if you compare it with modern market, you can still get lower price by haggling it or in Javanese it’s called “ngenyang”. The cheap price you can find at these traditional markets doesn’t mean the product has low quality. The product has good quality, especially vegetable, fish, meat and other. Most of these products were brought from the original source, like farm and other. Therefore, when they sell it, it’s still in fresh condition.

There are still many people of Yogyakarta that have farm, especially those who live in suburban area. However, these days, many of them try to work in tourism with the increase of Yogyakarta tourism. Many of them try to use this chance as the way to make money. Mostly, they sell souvenir, start a traditional culinary business and many other business that can please the tourist and show the uniqueness of Yogyakarta. They see this new profession as more promising profession, especially with the information that they can easily get from internet.

Most of people that try these new professions are young generation. However, the strong culture in this area has successfully created unique combination between modern and traditional economy. Therefore, some of traditional transaction method, like haggling, still can be found on many places, not only traditional market, but some of modern market.


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